Maricao Area           

Maricao, Puerto Rico is known as the Ciudad del Cafe (the Coffee City).  It is the first town on the western portion of the Ruta Panoramica after leaving the city of Mayaguez, and the least populated municipality on the main island of Puerto Rico.  Maricao is considered one of the premier coffee raising areas in Puerto Rico.  Each February, the coffee harvest is celebrated during the "Festival del Acabe de Cafe". 

Just outside the village of Maricao you will find wonderful nearby attractions including:

  • Maricao Fish Hatchery - raises and releases more than 200,000 fish annually into fresh water lakes formed by mountain reservoirs

  • Monte del Estado - the Maricao Forest Reserve which holds the most diverse collection of plant life on the island and is a world famous destination for bird watchers

  • Salto Curet - a secluded 100 foot high waterfall (reached by hiking) boasting a 50 foot deep pool at its base

  • El Torre de Piedra - a stone observation tower built in the 1930s.  Climb to the top, take in the beautiful mountain views and see all the way to the ocean and beyond to Mona Island (50 miles due west)

  • Hacienda Juanita and Hacienda Delicias - examples of coffee plantations


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